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Structural Materials and Integrity Research Centre

The research activities within the Structural Materials and Integrity Research Centre are focused primarily on the characterisation/behaviour of structural and functional materials, so as to enable the prediction of component/structure lifetimes.

In order to understand the fundamentals of complex material behaviour, the Centre includes technologists and scientists from a range of disciplines including electrochemistry, mechanical engineering, tribology and metallurgy.

Topics covered within the Centre include

  • electrochemical scanning techniques to assess corrosion and durability
  • fatigue/fracture and environment-assisted fatigue
  • functionalised coatings for anti-corrosion, anti-fouling and anti-biotic applications
  • ceramics and tribology
  • joining processes, including welding and brazing
  • Research centre staff

  • Centre for Corrosion Technology

    Degradation resulting from corrosion processes is an issue which has implications for the integrity, serviceability and aesthetics of materials and components. 

    The Centre for Corrosion Technology (CCT) was founded by its Director, Professor Robert Akid, in 1996 to provide research and business support expertise concerning the implication of materials operating within corrosive environments. Since moving to Sheffield Hallam University in 1999, the Centre has expanded and its sphere of expertise has become more diverse, through engagement with industry and EU and UK research council funded projects.

    Its position within MERI allows the Centre to provide a multidisciplinary approach to solving problems concerning corrosion-related failure of materials.

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  • Centre for Infrastructure Management

    The Centre for Infrastructure Management provides a professional service to the construction and infrastructure sector. Industry projects fall within the following broad areas

    • infrastructure management
    • environmental protection
    • materials and recycling solutions

    If you require independent advice, specialist knowledge, product development, materials solutions, skills development or innovation in buildings, then the Centre can help you.

    As a large University we can draw on the great breadth of expertise, knowledge base and variety of technologies which exist. We can help you with projects, contracts and developments, working to your programme schedules and requirements.

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  • Structural Integrity Group

    Structural design and integrity encompasses a wide range of component design and performance analysis using computer-aided processors and mechanical testing.

    The structural integrity of components and structures is of vital importance to avoid catastrophic failures in a number of industrial sectors such as energy, transport, and medical. There is a pronounced synergy between stress, environmental factors and material condition as indicated.

    Cyclic stressing can lead to fatigue processes and slow loading rates can cause interaction with corrosion processes (stress corrosion and corrosion fatigue).

    Often high value complex alloys have been found to crack unexpectedly, but fortunately there are a number of strategies available to avoid or minimise these effects.

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